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LCL Elevates Music Education with Tailored Mentoring and Specialized Programs

LCL distinguishes itself by offering customized mentoring services to our clients. Whether supporting district-level music supervisors, secondary school band directors, or collegiate band directors, LCL's comprehensive approach supports crucial topics such as classroom management, rehearsal preparation, and positive culture development. 

Additionally, LCL's uniqueness lies in its commitment to providing specialized programs for student leadership and full band experiences, ensuring a holistic and customized approach to elevate music education at every level.

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Full Band Leadership Training

We customize the workshop based on what's important to your band. The rest of our time will be a very direct and compassionate conversation pointing toward positive, empowering, life-enriching lessons. We bring a values-based, long-term strategy for improving your band the durable way: culturally.

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Educator Effectiveness Coaching

Meet regularly, drop in as needed, rotate LCL teammates, you tell us.

30 Minutes

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Student Leadership Effectiveness Coaching

Your best musicians took lessons. What are your NEXT leaders doing?

30 Minutes

Some of our solutions for you!

Clinic Offerings from Dr. John Franklin
Music Sheet

Bar Setters, Bottom Dwellers, & Bouncers

Understanding the Dynamics that Affect Your Program’s Success

  • Synopsis: This clinic is a deep dive into the dynamics and personalities that create and impact the culture of your program.  Special emphasis is placed on how student leaders can create a positive culture of excellence in their programs while understanding how to tackle the unique challenges of leading friends and peers.

  • Target Sudience: student leaders and/or program directors & staff

Clinic Offerings from Gary Rupert

Leading a Horse to Water

And Getting Him to Drink!

  • Synopsis: We are all familiar with the old adage “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”  But what happens when you make him thirsty?  This presentation will explore concrete steps to improving student engagement and motivation.  Working from extrinsic to intrinsic motivators, you will learn how to effectively “make your students thirsty.”

  • Target Audience: Staff and/or student leaders

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Clinic Offerings from Tyson Wooters
Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Always Wear Your Head

Keynote Address

Synopsis: In this multimedia keynote presentation, Tyson draws on his years as the Oregon Duck–a beloved and award-winning NCAA mascot–to illuminate the life-altering power of being a part of something much larger than yourself. Members of organizations both large and small, whether college sports fans or not, will enjoy this presentation's blend of humor and insight, and will come away newly energized about working to achieve shared goals.

Clinic Offerings from James Keller
Trumpet Player

||:Recruiting <--> Retention:||

Bring in the best new members every season

Synopsis: Recruiting expert James Keller will adapt and apply his proven system for recruiting, screening, and retaining the right students, who may even tend to stick around as grateful alumni. With careful setup and real consistency, this process is a long-term play.

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Clinic Offerings from
Veronica Juarez
Clinic Offering from
James Keller

The Power of Good Communication

Become more effective with words and create better listeners

Synopsis: Research says good communication is the key to healthy relationships & organizations. This interactive program gives the basics for making great communicators. It includes:
• The power of words & improving listening
• Digging into the differences of gender talk
• Creating a culture of ownership, not blame
• The power of positive language

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