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Don’t Simply Survive… THRIVE in Your District!


Many educators and administrators work in environments that are underpaid, underfunded, overworked, too large to effectively manage, and are simply not sustainable environments. LCL was born from a desire to help alleviate these situations. We empathize with your challenges and we’re here to offer help!


Our full band programs are custom designed to meet the distinct needs of every faculty member and accommodate the demands of a diverse array of students.

From team-building to experiential learning activities, our programs offer a rich blend of engaging group discussions, dynamic activities, and inspiring keynote presentations. Join us as we compose the perfect arrangement to not only fine-tune your team's performance but also ensure a student experience that's both fun and profoundly impactful.

  • Classroom management

  • Rehearsal preparation and presentation

  • Creating budgets

  • Developing a positive culture

  • Building support and communication with Administration

  • Building support and communication with Parent groups

  • Making appropriate musical selections

  • Developing strong pedagogical foundations


LCL specializes in custom programming, and offers student leadership programs and full band retreats.

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