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Where Passion and Purpose Unite in Music Education

At Leaders Creating, we understand that the magic of stellar band performances begins with skilled and inspired educators. We've curated specialized educator programs for band directors looking to enhance their teaching prowess. 


Picture a curriculum finely tuned to address the unique challenges of guiding a diverse group of students toward musical and life excellence. Our programs orchestrate a combination of team-building exercises, experiential learning, dynamic group discussions, and empowering keynote presentations. Partner with us to compose an educational experience that not only enriches your teaching toolkit but also ensures your ensemble hits all the right notes. Let's turn your role as an educator into a standing ovation-worthy performance!


Nobody knows your band program or your students better than YOU. We specialize in creating custom experiences that bring your creativity to life, help your students perform at a higher level, and your student leadership shine. 


LCL is prepared to offer support and mentoring in the following areas:

  • Classroom management

  • Rehearsal preparation and presentation 

  • Creating budgets 

  • Developing a positive culture 

  • Building support and communication with Administration 

  • Building support and communication with Parent groups 

  • Making appropriate musical selections 

  • Developing strong pedagogical foundations 

  • Drum major and student leader selection and development 

  • Programs in student leadership

  • Full band programs

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